what we do:

A Boutique Landscape Design firm located in Southern California, we have a passion for the environment, and the great outdoors, large or small, we can customize a design that fits your budget and your needs.

Custom Residential and Resort Landscape Design 

Landscape upgrades and renovations

Pools, spas, wood decks and trellis features

Outdoor fireplaces and BBQ's

Sustainable - Drought tolerant Landscape's

Water features and irrigation


Installation with licensed contractors

who we are:

CBLD was created and founded in 2015 by Camille and Matthew Beehler. Both Camille and Mathew have deep roots and passion for all aspects of design, which permeates the entire practice. With over 30 years of experience, their combined expertise spans a dedication and passion for thought provoking design discourse in landscape, planning, urban design and architecture. 


Located in the the Coastal Community of Costa Mesa, the practice embodies a modern coastal esthetic, located in one of the fastest growing communities in the nation.

A former orange and avocado farm, Orange County is now a diverse, vibrant and expanding community. 


CBLD seeks opportunities to work with creative and passionate clients who are seeking design environments which are modern, uplifting and culturally appropriate to the context.


our experience:

 Knowledge. of all aspects of landscape design delivery, soft scape expertise, local design trends, and clients expectations.

With over 30 years of landscape and planning across US, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we offer a broad perspective on viable planning and design for each of the different regions. Our approach respects the values and heritage of each culture, but also aims to introduce new horizons in line with international standards.


Value. Time-tested systems of Quality, Efficiency and Professional Delivery.  We have a small but nimble practice which responds to individual client needs, allowing us to scale resources swiftly and appropriately with various projects, thus maximizing value for our clients.


Vision. Highly creative talent from the world’s top design firms.

The founders of CBLD have invaluable experience collectively; all come from a background of the world’s most renowned design firms; Walt Disney Imagineering, EDAW,  Lifescapes International, Peridian Asia, RNL and WATG. With them came the values, the discipline, and the know-how required to execute uniquely crafted projects at an international standard. 

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